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BLAKE3 is an evolution of the BLAKE2 cryptographic hash that is both faster and also more consistently fast across different platforms and input sizes.

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Adding salt to Blake3 Key derive function

According to the whitepaper, Blake3 can be used as a key derivation function (function key_derive). Currently, as a key ...
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Post quantum security of the BLAKE family

Is there any proof that BLAKE (including 2 and 3) is post-quantum secure? We know that as Merkle–Damgård (with proper padding) preserves collapse sha2 is post-quantum secure. I know that the sponge-...
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Can Blake2 be a replacement for double SHA-256?

My previous question was closed because it was too open-ended, so let me simplify the question: Is it a good choice to drop double SHA-256 and use straight Blake2 in a Bitcoin-like blockchain (more ...
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Does the Blake3 hash have identities, due to its merkle tree structure?

I've read that the Blake3 hash uses a Merkle Tree. Does it follow that there are identities such as: ...
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Using platform-level RNGs for key derivation with hash functions like BLAKE3?

So I've read stack overflow questions like this one. What I'm wondering is a bit more specific though: I'm really liking what I'm seeing with BLAKE3. (I suspect that this hash function is relatively ...
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Which is faster, PRF based on AES-CTR and PRF based on BLAKE{2,3}?

Recently Blake3 has been announced, which can be used as PRF. I'm wondering which PRF is faster, namely PRF based on Blake3 or the one based on AES-CTR?