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Bitcoin Generation [migrated]

In a blockchain network with number of parties, how are the number of bitcoins held by each party decided in the initial stage? Example: If there are 4 parties A,B,C,D who decides/generates the ...
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What is the reason to use blocks in the first place? [closed]

I am not sure this question is really for this forum. But to be honest, I could not think of a better one. This question is about blockchains in general. As far as I know, there is no site for general ...
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Can Cryptographic Proofs Directly Attest to Function Call Results?

In systems where computations are performed in remote or potentially untrusted environments(e.g. Ethereum NaaS providers such as Infura), how can we gain confidence in the accuracy of the results? ...
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Can I construct a incomplete Merkle Tree without denting its security?

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Best way to implement public blockchain for IoT?

I'm attempting to build a blockchain network of IoT devices that would allow public access such that any person around the world could push data to it and there would be an immutable record of all ...
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How can the validity of signatures in layer-2 transactions be proven in zk-rollup?

I have many questions about the details of using zk-SNARK technology in zk-rollup: How can the validity of signatures in layer-2 transactions be proven in zk-rollup? In zk-rollup, is a single large ...
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Authenticate the users (in telegram bot) without storing user ids

Might be a bit weird but interesting scenario: I have a telegram bot and I need to authenticate users but I don't want to store any user data(at least openly). So here's a breakdown: I need to prove ...
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Can blockchain be considered a cryptographic primitive?

This might be a silly question. But since more and more people simply use public blockchains as a secure ledger to store mutually agreed information to secure their high level applications, could we ...
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The specific nature of a 51% attack - in relation to a multiple choice question that I was marked as incorrect on

In a course I'm taking the following question came up: ...
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Verification in Bulletproof commitment scheme

I am reviewing the ZKP course, represented by the university of Berkley ( In pages 44 of lecture 6 that is attached below (, the ...
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