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Camellia is a 128-bit, symmetrical block cipher jointly developed by Mitsubishi and NTT of Japan.

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Why does nobody use (or break) the Camellia Cipher?

If Camellia is of equivalent security and speed to AES, concerns arise. First of all, assuming the above, why is Camellia so rarely used in practice? Why aren't there any breaks in Camellia? Does ...
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HW acceleration for Camellia cipher (x86_64/AES-NI/AVX2)

Modern processors support hardware acceleration for various crypto functions such as AES directly, or general vector operations which can be used in crypto ...
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Why Camellia has 4 Sbox

I asked a question about using 16 different Sboxes in AES each for one state byte instead of using same One Sbox for substituting 16 state bytes (See the Question Increase in AES SBox). The answers i ...
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Linear Approximation and Linear Probability of Camellia Sbox

In this article,Analysis of Camellia (para 2. Differential and linear cryptanalysis, page 3), it says The maximum bias of a linear approximation through one S-box is $2^{-4}$ , which gives a ...
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Why is CAMELLIA suddenly so widely used?

When nowadays I point my browser to https sites, the cipher that is on most occasions used is Camellia. My browsers (Chrome and Firefox) seem to prefer it, even when AES is available. Is that not ...
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Do any non-US ciphers exist?

Plenty of ciphers come out of the USA from government research or selection competitions. AES and DES are examples. Are there any public ciphers produced by other states, China or Iran for example? ...
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Camellia Key Schedule

Camellia is widely used, an international standard now. Its key schedule seems to be too simple compared to other famous ciphers like Twofish and CAST-256. What are the prerequisites for the key ...
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Camellia Sbox - Linear Approximation Probability [duplicate]

One Page 7, of Document Camellia Design and Analysis The author says, In the case of Camellia, the maximum diferential/linear probabilities of s-boxes are $2^{-6}$. Since Camellia S-boxes are ...
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