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Questions tagged [chosen-ciphertext-attack]

A chosen-ciphertext attack (CCA) is an attack model for cryptanalysis in which the cryptanalyst gathers information, at least in part, by choosing a ciphertext and obtaining its decryption under an unknown key.

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RSA-OAEP versus RSA with Fujisaki-Okamoto construction

I was wondering why the Fujisaki-Okamoto construction (or one of its variants) is not (at least commonly) used with RSA to achieve CCA2 security? Does anyone know of any speed comparisons between RSA ...
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2 answers

Can you help with that definition for a CCA?

The following is a definition taken from Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Katz and Lindell. I'm having a hard time understanding some basic concepts! Can you please help me? $\newcommand{\Gen}{\...
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How does a chosen ciphertext attack work, with a simple example?

Can someone please explain - using a simple example - how a chosen ciphertext attack works?
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Is the CBC weakness in XML Encryption a new discovery? Are other applications vulnerable?

The RUB in Germany reports that XML encryption is broken. This is essentially the W3C standard for protecting XML documents from prying eyes. Does this mean that an attacker can only see a single ...
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Why isn't the IND-CCA property inherited when sending redundant ciphertext?

Suppose that in order to avoid loss in transmission, a secret key encryption scheme $(Gen, Enc, Dec)$ is modified to be $(Gen, Enc', Dec')$, such that the message m is encrypted independently ...
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