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How to steganographically embed data in cropped/resized images?

The problem: An artist posts an image of their work online with a creative commons attribution licence (on site A), someone reposts the image with attribution on another site (site B), the internet ...
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Audio Files and Digital Bearer Instruments

Is it possible to combine Audio Files and Public Key Cryptography creating a Digital Bearer Audio File that is in complete control of the owner who would then have the ability to grant access to ...
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Why does the Content Scrambling System have two different length LFSRs

CSS uses two LFSRs of length 17 and 25. If we have two periodic functions $f(t)$ and $g(t)$ and consider the function $h(t) = (f(t), g(t))$, then $h$ will have period $pq/\gcd(p, q)$ where $p$ and $q$...
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How to protect a device which has different levels of access to its storage?

There is a device which has three software running on it, the main purpose is the control of some machinery. a GUI front-end, running on a single-board computer with easily accessible storage (hard ...
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How subscriptions are managed in PayTV securely?

Since there are millions of subscriber for each operator in PayTV and each subscriber can subscribe to any of the package or individual channels, how operators transmit Entitlement management messages ...
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Encrypted firmware

I have seen many papers on "encrypted firmware" (for example, firmware on Apple Watch like devices) . Can you tell me how it works? Is there a stub in the firmware which is not encrypted and can ...
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