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Disk encryption protects information by encrypting every byte that is written to a HD or virtual disk volume.

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Why do we use XTS over CTR for disk encryption?

I'm taking Prof. Boneh's crypto class from Coursera, and am unsure on the requirement for XTS mode for disk encryption. It seems that CTR mode would do exactly what XTS can do, but is simpler to ...
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Encrypt-Mix-Encrypt: Full Diffusion?

I've read "A Parallelizable Enciphering Mode" by Halevi and Rogaway about the encrypt-mix-encrypt mode for ciphers and was asking myself if this mode provides "full" diffusion. So if an attacker ...
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Why not authenticate full-disk encryption?

Common FDE software (TrueCrypt, BitLocker, dm-crypt) doesn't authenticate ciphertext stored on the disk. The commonly cited reason is "it would take too much space", reasoning that you would need an ...
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Information leakage from the ecryptfs filesystem

I'm wondering what information might be leaked from the ecryptfs filesystem. This is what Ubuntu uses if you check the box for "encrypted home directory" when using the desktop installer, so is ...
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Is it possible to tweak AES-GCM so that it is satisfactory for whole-disk encryption (like XTS mode)?

Is it possible to leverage a preexisting implementation of AES-GCM to provide the key security benefits essential for full-disk encryption (similar to AES-XTS)? GCM is a popular encryption mode ...
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LUKS multiple key slots - what's the intuition?

LUKS volumes have the ability to allow multiple independently usable passwords, as explained here: [] The intuition behind basic ...
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Should I use XTS or GCM to encrypt my hard drives?

I want to start encrypting all of my hard drives, but I don't know whether to choose XTS or GCM mode. Why is it that XTS is recommended (since the most websites I visit use GCM in their HTTPS ...
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Why is Serpent faster than AES in this benchmark?

I have a laptop without the AES-NI CPU instructions but with SSE4.1. I'm using Linux and tried the (in-memory) cryptsetup benchmark to get the rough tendency which returned: ...
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Does Encryption add difficulties to File Recovery?

Seems Yes. People always tell us, it is very hard (or almost impossible) to recover an encrypted hard disk. But after a second thought. I think this is not true. Given that we know the KEY, and the ...
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Has anyone seen a stream cipher being used for FDE

So I am a newbie to this. Has anyone experimented implementing a stream cipher for full disk encryption? EDIT With the caveats that come with using a stream cipher over a block cipher of course! I ...
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