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Questions related to the teaching and learning of cryptography.

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Symmetric Encryption, meet in the middle attack, effective key length

What is the effective key length of a deterministic encryption scheme, given a meet-in-the-middle attack scenario when you encrypt five times (64 bit keys for each)? . Say the encryption scheme has |...
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PQC schemes & theory on academic courses

This question doesn't cover any technical aspects of PQC but I would want to know if undergraduate computer scientists study at a good level any of the available PQC schemes in literature during their ...
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Is Mathematics or Computer Science more important for a career in cryptography [closed]

I'm a Mathematics Major, and I currently enjoy the mathematical aspects of cryptography. I intend to pursue a career in cryptography research.
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Time Based encryption [duplicate]

Looking for the language to describe a solution I am looking for... As a systems admin for an educational institution, I would like to: a) post our tests in an encrypted form b) at a certain time, ...
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What weak symmetric cryptographic algorithms shall I use to educate myself about cryptoanalysis methods?

Are there any simple to understand and implement, but nontrivial cyphers and hash functions which are easily broken by modern cryptoanalysis methods (for example, ones listed in Wikipedia)? Ideally ...
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Simple compression functions an sponge functions for educational purposes

For block ciphers, there are the very well designed schemes of Simple-DES and Simple-AES, which have been created not for security but for teaching the design principles of the real algorithms while ...
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Cryptography survey as an undergrad

Is cryptography so specialized that taking a survey class is a waste of time? I'm not the type of person who can do logs in my head or has a deep mathematical aptitude, but cryptography is certainly ...
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Simplicity and precision in cryptography papers [closed]

I know a PhD student who recently had his paper on applied cryptography rejected because one the reviewers claimed that it was "the solution was too simple and the notation used was more than ...
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What is a good way to demonstrate elliptic curve cryptography?

For school (high school) I am writing an essay on elliptic curve cryptography. The assignment needs to include a practical part, so I decided to write a Python class for elliptic curves. This class is ...
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What cryptography is suitable to motivate High School students to learn math? [closed]

A High School math teacher in the Bronx asked me if I knew of any way to use cryptography in a way that motivates students (15 to 18 years old) to learn math. I do know that many of them want to ...
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Good challenges for a crypto competition for teenagers

I'm holding a cryptography workshop for teenagers (around 16 years old) at our university. As part of the workshop, I'm planning to run a crypto competition with prizes: there will be different tasks, ...
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How would you encrypt-then-MAC when using pen-and-paper and a Caesar cipher?

I'll probably get shot for asking this, but I've got some kids (aged 8-10) in my neighbourhood that I've been showing/teaching the simple pen-and-paper Caesar cipher and they're successfully playing ...
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