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Questions tagged [elliptic-curves]

Elliptic curves are algebraic-geometric structures with applications in cryptography. Such a curve consists of the set of solutions to a cubic equation over a finite field equipped with a group operation. Questions relating to elliptic curves and derived algorithms should use this tag and might also consider more specific tags such as discrete-logarithm and ecdsa.

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With ECDSA is there a way for the verifier to calculate any properties of $k$?

With ECDSA, given $(r,s)$ and $m$, is there a way for a verifier to calculate any (boolean) properties of $k$, without knowing $k$ or the private key $D_A$? (I understand that $k$ should be random, or ...
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How can a decryption program tell me that a private key is incorrect for RSA and ECC?

I have a program which will encrypt the symmetric key with RSA public key with keysize 2048. I am able to decrypt the message with the corresponding private key. My question is, is it possible to ...
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Can I know from a Bitcoin public key if the private key is odd or even?

Can I know just from a Bitcoin public key if the private key is odd or even? [moderator note] That is, can we find parity of the private key from a secp256k1 public key?For the original dump of ...
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How many field operations are needed when you compute kG in elliptic curves with a multiple additions or the double-ans-add-algorithm?

For an assignment, we have to calculate how many field computations are needed to calculate kG in an elliptic curve. They want us to show this for two different ways of calculating kG. The first way: ...
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Integers in ECC

Let A be a point on curve with integral coordinates. Does k.A necessarily have integer coordinates? If so than why and if not than how to find A and k such that k.A has integral coordinates.
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