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The Enigma Machine was a piece of cryptographic hardware used by the German military during World War II; successful cryptanalysis was routinely applied against it and the scheme was considered broken. Questions relating to this machine should use this tag and you may also which to use the historic tag.

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Effective key length in Enigma encryption

Each Enigma machine setting induces a certain encryption in the sense of a function from the space of plain texts to the set of cipher texts. The number of different Enigma machine settings can be ...
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Enigma rotor settings and the notch

According to While the rotor is in the machine, the ring+notch+rotor all rotate in sync. While the rotor is pulled ...
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Fastest / easiest way to find rotor wiring without physical inspection on Enigma Machine emulator

We have an Enigma machine emulator we are trying to replicate. Machine has 3 rotor positions and 6 rotors that can be selected. The input goes through 3 rotors then is reflected back to start as is ...
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Why are there only 10 plugboard pairs in the enigma?

The plugboard provides a new layer of security for the enigma but why can we only swap at most 10 letters? I only found things like "10 was the most common." but why stop there? Isn't adding ...
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How does a ring affect an inverse rotor?

Rotor I with ring A would look like this: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ EKMFLGDQVZNTOWYHXUSPAIBRCJ Inverse rotor I with ring A would look ...
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How do the notch and window positions on an Enigma machine correlate?

I am having difficulty visualizing the stepping process. The permutation of Wheel I of Enigma I is as follows: ...
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Determining the initial positions of Engima's rotors

We want to perform a known plaintext attack on the enigma M3, the goal is to reach the initial settings of the 3 rotors. I tried to bruteforce those values since I know the plaintext, ciphertext, ...
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Obtain Enigma key having a encrypted text and the plain text

I have an Enigma message and I know what the original message is (a repetition of the same letter). Is it possible obtain the enigma key? I only know what kind of Enigma machine is it, but I need to ...
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Enigma - Bombe - Understanding the relative values of ring settings to key settings

For a project, I am writing Enigma and Bombe simulators in Python. I have coded up both and so far so good. My Enigma simulator gives the same results as the online simulator here: https://people....
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Looking for books and non-paywalled websites about Enigma "rapid analytic machinery"

I am by now perfectly aware that "Bletchley Park had much more available to them than 'Bombes,'" but I'm finding it difficult to find on-line explanations of their many other types of "...
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What is the best way to attack enigma without any a priori knowledge about the plaintext?

I know in great (great great great) detail about how they cracked enigma during the second world war. Looking into it, I decided to have a crack at breaking it. I've come apon a single problem with my ...
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