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Questions tagged [file-encryption]

The process of encrypting individual files on a storage medium and permitting access to the encrypted data only after proper authentication is provided.

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File Encryption (EFS method)

I'm implementing (for learning purposes) a file encryptor, which uses the following method (from I have 3 kinds of keys: RSA public/private, AES, ...
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Is EFS vulnerable to chosen plaintext attack?

I have some backup files encrypted with EFS, but I lost the EFS certificate--thus I am unable to decrypt the files. I understand that EFS uses the user certificate public key to encrypt the symmetric ...
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Is ecryptfs safe after unmounting but before turning off the computer

I've read that one of the vulnerabilites of ecryptfs is leaks to swap memory, and that the solution is to encrypt swap. But even if swap is encrypted, it's still open until I reboot. I've also read in ...
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Conforming to best practices in password file (keyring) encryption

In order to implement a plaintext password file safe (keyring), while adhering to best Crypto practices today, I came up with this scheme: A user's master password is hashed with Argon2 (\$argon2id\$...
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AES OCB with Argon2 KDF for keyring file encryption

I've just released a python keyring companion package to encrypt the passwords in a file, available here. Description The project is mainly targeted to provide a sufficiently secure storage for ...
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Does Encryption add difficulties to File Recovery?

Seems Yes. People always tell us, it is very hard (or almost impossible) to recover an encrypted hard disk. But after a second thought. I think this is not true. Given that we know the KEY, and the ...
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Does my asymmetric/symmetric mixed file encryption pseudo code pass sanity check?

I realize this depends on my implementation and the implementation of the libraries I use. I am asking about my process assuming that the encryption libraries and my code are not flawed/compromised, ...
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Safest method for encrypting a file on a local machine

I am looking for a safe method to encrypt a local file on my machine. Let's say I have a file containing my logins and passwords -- how can I make sure that the encryption is reasonably sufficient in ...
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FileVault AES-XTS decryption with cipher text that's missing a part

My mac was recently upgraded to OS X Yosemite and FileVault2 full disk encryption was turned on. Encryption finished, but things went horribly wrong and key parts of the disk are filled with all 0s (...
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ChaCha20 1Gb encryption speed question

I wrote a simple implementation of ChaCha20 encryptor for files in C using MbedTLS implementation. The process of encryption is standard - I set key, then for each block of fixed size I generate new ...
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How secure is the encryption with OTP and an OneRNG?

I bought an HWRND last week. What do you think, how secure is the encryption with that and the OTP? See the OneRNG theory of operation here.
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How Should Form Input be Encrypted for sending to a Server?

I apologise if this question is a duplicate. I couldn't find any similar questions. I am writing a web app that consists of a series of drop-down style question menus. These generate more drop-downs ...
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How to recover deleted-recovered windows efs-encrypted files?

I'd some EFS-encrypted files on a HDD which were deleted unintentionally. I used a data recovery software to restore them, but afterward, windows does not recognize those recovered files as encrypted ...
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can pdfcrack software crack a 128 bit encrypted pdf file

One day ago,i downloaded a pdf that requires password then i search a software to decrypt the password that's s/w called pdfcrack Then i install pdfcrack and run a cmd in terminal pdfcrack -f ...
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