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A file format is a particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file.

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What is the SSL private key file format?

I was researching about how to encrypt with RSA. I understood everything but not the format of the private keys. In the phpseclib (RSA in PHP), you can import your private key (private.key format) ...
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What are the differences between .pem, .csr, .key, .crt and other such file extensions?

I'm new to SSL / TLS, and I want to work with the OpenSSL toolkit. What do .pem and .csr stand for? I do know that ...
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PGP public RSA key format

I have been trying to use Go (I could post the code, but I think I posted enough already...) to generate a PGP RSA key. However every time I try to encrypt something with it, something fails. However, ...
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Public-key format for ECDSA as in FIPS 186-4?

What is the public-key format for ECDSA as in FIPS 186-4, and where is it formally defined? In particular, are there variants beyond Cartesian coordinates? Is that a pair of bitstrings, or a ...
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How to create a PEM file for storing an RSA key?

I have an RSA private key $\{d,n\}$ and a public key $\{e,n\}$, where $n$ is the modulus, and I also have the prime factors $p$ and $q$ of $n$. I want to create a PEM file containing this information,...
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ECDSA private key format

Here's a sample ECDSA private key (I don't use it for anything): ...
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