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Iteration count for (enhanced) Miller-Rabin

In FIPS 186-5 (Digital Signature Standard or DSS) there is a Table B.1 which specifies the minimum number of rounds of Miller-Rabin testing for 1024, 1536 and 2048 bit keys, used for digital ...
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Order of point on elliptic curve vs order of base field

I'm looking at the FIPS-186 standard. On page 88, it gives a table recommending the size of the base field for the elliptic curve versus the order $n$ of a point on the curve. The numbers don't seem ...
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What is the Standard to protect classified, Secret and Top Secret information?

Para 3 of Security Requirements for Cryptographic Module (FIPS 140-2) specifies the requirements that will be satisfied by a crypto module protecting sensitive but unclassified information. What are ...
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