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Hamming distance is the number of symbols that differ between two strings. Hamming weight is the distance between a string and the zero string of the same length; i.e. the number of 1 bits for binary strings.

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How many Affine function can be made from $4 \times 4$ and $8 \times 8$ S-boxes?

The nonlinearity of an S-Box is defined as the non-linearity of its vectorial Boolean Function. Let $F$ be the hamming distance between the set of all non-constant linear combinations of component ...
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Low weight linear $\varepsilon$-universal hash function

According to the definition, an $\varepsilon$-universal linear hash function family, given a field $\mathbb{F}$, is a set of linear transformations $\mathcal{H} \subseteq \mathbb{F}^{m,n}$ such that ...
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Hamming distance in XOR decryption

I've been working on cryptopals 1.6, breaking XOR, and have got it working. I found this answer that explains why hamming distance works, and after some consideration I believe I'm starting to ...
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