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SHA3-256 vs SHAKE256_256 in XMSS and SPHINCS

By SHAKE256_256, I mean taking first 256 bits of the output of SHAKE256 i.e. SHAKE256_256(M) = SHAKE256(M,256) What is the motivation of choosing SHAKE256_256 ...
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How does signing with FORS work in SPHINCS+?

I was reading the SPHINCS+ paper and got confused in the signing with FORS (forest of random subsets) part. I understand how we can sign a message using FORS but I couldn't understand how we choose ...
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How come we only need to generate the first tree in each layer in XMSS MT

From what I understand, to reduce the time taken for public key generation, you can use nested trees in XMSS to form Multi-tree XMSS. For an instantion of 2 layers, it seems that the leaf of each L ...
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What are some use cases for signature scheme that can only sign finite amount of time?

From one-time hash-based signature, one can convert it into 2^d time signature by using Merkle hash tree. However, it seems to be a trick that enables multi-time signing. My question is: is there any ...
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