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Source of encryption scheme used in blockchain based IoT

I've found the following encryption scheme UserA: $$sk_A, pk_A = sk_A \cdot G$$ UserB: $$sk_B, pk_B = sk_B \cdot G$$ Enc: UserA $$u \in \mathbb{Z}_q^* \\ Y = u \cdot pk_B \\ S = H(U) \oplus m \\ C = (...
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Using GP/PARI how would you solve this randomised Elgamal question?

I know how to solve this question manually, but I don't know how to solve it using the program gp/pari. It is based on randomised Elgamal Let p = 739. Given the following ciphertext of some message m1 ...
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Why Bellare-Micali Oblivious Transfer Construction requires ElGamal with hashed key?

The idea of the Bellare-Micali Oblivious Transfer Constructions is the following: Informally, the receiver is required to generate two public keys $y_b$, $y_{b-1}$ such that it knows only the secret ...
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Understanding ElGamal encryption for a Mental Poker Case

I am looking to understand ElGamal encryption as it is used in a specic context described below. I am interested in creating a practical form of Mental Poker for games other than poker developed by ...
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Elgamal test vectors

I know that Elgamal algorithms have fallen out of fashion, and they are not included in any widespread cryptographic standard nowadays. However, they are still present in several popular crypto ...
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Malleability of ElGamal and Hashed ElGamal

Question: Suppose A encrypts a number $x$ which indicates her bid on a contract, using ElGamal encryption. Say that the encryption of $x$ produces a ciphertext $c$. Explain how E can modify $c$ to ...
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