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The Hill cipher is a historic polygraphic substitution cipher invented by Lester S. Hill in 1929.

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What are some statisitcal characteristics of a hill cipher?

Given a ciphertext, after performing a frequency analysis on it, how would you identify it as a hill cipher? What should i expect to see in the statistics?
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How can I determine the Hill cipher key in this case?

I have been struggling with a Hill cipher problem for many days, without any luck. I have the following ciphertext, which I know is an encrypted excerpt from an Edgar Allan Poe story: ...
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How to uncover keys from using double encryption schemes such as Hill and Vernam Cipher

I have a quick question. How would you decrypt an encryption scheme, involving both Hill and Vernam Cipher. The order of encryption is Hill Cipher then Vernam Cipher. Problem is that only final cipher ...
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Calculate the key of a Hill-cipher using known plain- and ciphertext

I know I should calculate the multiple inverse of plaintext with ciphertext $\pmod {26}$. However, the problem I have is that the plaintext is a $3 \times 4$ matrix which is not square, so how would I ...
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Security of a custom non linear hill cipher

Initially let me state that this is an atypical type of cryptographic encoding. First I break up my key into three parts $k = {W,\overrightarrow{b},\alpha}$. the $W$ is simply a $n \times n$ matrix, $...
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how to find key matrix in hill cipher

I want to solve this problem but there are 3 known plaintext-ciphertext pairs. The key of Hill cipher is a 3*3 matrix as k=[k1,k2,3; k4,k5,k6; k7,k8,k9] where the unknown ki={0,1,...25}={A,B,......
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Hill cipher key space

Key space is the set of all possible keys that can be used to generate a key. We using the number of valid key to describe it. I've given a hill cipher of block size $k$ over alphabet of size $p$, ...
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Where can I find standardized implementations of lightweight cryptographic ciphers?

I am working on a project that requires encrypting messages with different ciphers. I am looking for the following ciphers: PRESENT, CLEFIA, LEA, Hill cipher, Affine cipher, Elliptic Curve ...
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