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The significance of rewinding a simulation in an ZK interactive proof

I'm reading Matthew Green's blog post on ZK Interactive Proofs I don't understand the part where he explains how using a time machine shows that the prover is leaking zero information Specifically, ...
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Interactive Proofs: Why $\delta \lt \frac 13$ for Soundness & Completeness?

From a text on Interactive Proofs $x \in {0,1}^n$ is input $V$ is verifier $P$ is prover $r$ is $V$'s internal randomness $P$ provides a value $y$ which is claimed to be equal to $f(x)$ (Completeness)...
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Compiling a ZK-SNARK into a Signature of Knowledge by way of FS/BCS transformations

In a sigma protocol, a well known transformation to a signature is Fiat-Shamir, where message derived randomness is mixed into the randomness of the challenge. A natural example is Schnorr signatures. ...
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Can we achieve statistical Completeness, Soundness and Zero Knowledge in an Interactive Proof?

The question is mainly stated in the title, sorry for it being a bit small of a question. I was reading about ZK proofs and I was wondering what do we know about their limits only their properties. Do ...