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Proof of Knowledge & Rewinding Lemma

I'm somewhat confused about how the definition of a proof of knowledge relates to the Theorem 19.1 in Boneh-Shoup (, particularly in relation to Schnorr's protocol ...
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Accumulation Updater for Cryptography

I want update in place for sorted element list and proof for accumulator encoding of only element updated. I try to find technique similar to this, but only GCTI pop up and similar methods. It must ...
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Interactive proof of possession of a signed message

Suppose Alice has a verifiable (message, signature) pair from Cedric, who would not cooperate and routinely uses an algo (ecdsa, eddsa, rsa, or insert yours here) to sign messages. Alice wants to ...
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Compiling a ZK-SNARK into a Signature of Knowledge by way of FS/BCS transformations

In a sigma protocol, a well known transformation to a signature is Fiat-Shamir, where message derived randomness is mixed into the randomness of the challenge. A natural example is Schnorr signatures. ...
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