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Key Wrap constructions are a class of symmetric encryption algorithms designed to encapsulate (encrypt) cryptographic key material.

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Can export of wrapped secret key to insecure storage be cryptographically secure?

I ask because some vendors of HSM try to avoid the export of wrapped secret key from HSM to insecure storage – storage that does not belong to these vendor’s HSM infrastructure. For example, Thales ...
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AES Keywrap implementation supporting 8 byte keys

NIST SP800-38F specifies key wrapping algorithms. An important distinction between KW (without padding) and KWP (with padding) seems to be that KW cannot be used to wrap keys of length 8 bytes i.e. 1 ...
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Wrap AES 256bit key with Argon2 without losing entropy

Given a random 256bit key used for data encryption with Streaming AES GCM I would like to wrap it for backup with AES GCM. Is it safe to use ...
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Generating Alternative Initial Value while wrapping keys with AES

Am following the instructions on ("AES Key Wrap with Padding Algorithm") and I have gotten to a point where I need to generate the <...
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Did key-wrap modes see actual use?

Is there an IETF standard-track protocol have IANA-registered IDs for deterministic authenticated encryption yet? If not, what's preventing their adoption? What changes to protocols will DAEs likely ...
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AES-GCM with a fixed IV but a random "wrapped" key

It is well-known that AES-GCM requires the IV to be unique for each message that is encrypted with the same key. If the IV ever repeats, with the same key, then AES-GCM fails catastrophically. Now, ...
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JSON Web Encryption (JWE) Key Wrapping Fundamentals - How To Encrypt Content Encryption Key?

The JSON Web Encryption RFC 7516 says: Encrypt the CEK with the recipient's public key using the RSAES-PKCS1-v1_5 [or RSAES-OAEP] algorithm to produce the JWE Encrypted Key. Assuming a client/server ...
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Question about Asymmetric key wrapping using (limited) AES-GCM

assuming that I have an RSA key of length 4k bit which I'm interested to wrap using AES-GCM, and I have a (limited) AES-GCM cipher which can only encrypt limited input in size (say 256-bit/512-bit ...
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Client-Side Encryption for a small app

I'm designing a small personal journal web application for my wife. I'm a crypto newb, but I want her to feel secure knowing only she will have access to her journal entries. I am thinking of the ...
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