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Keyak is an Authenticated Encryption algorithm design by the Keccak team. It has been submitted to the CAESAR competition. It uses the same principle as Keccak (SHA-3) : sponge construction and the Keccak-f round function.

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Rationale for NORX/Ketje/Keyak not being chosen for the CAESAR final portfolio

Was any specific rationale given on why none of the sponge-based AEAD algorithms (specifically NORX, Keyak, and Ketje) of the 3rd round candidates of the CAESAR competition made it to the final ...
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Ciphertext manipulation for ciphers with intermediate tags

I have been looking into the CAESAR submissions as I'm interested in a cipher that can process a stream of unknown or large size (E.g. socket, file) while providing authentication. My understanding is ...
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Benchmarks for second round CAESAR competitors

I'm interested in how the second round CAESAR competitors stack up in terms of software performance against each other and against chacha20-poly1305 with both small and large messages. Sadly the only ...
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Is parallel, vectorized NORX nearly as fast as hardware-accelerated AES-GCM?

As I understand it, NORX gets 3.5 CPB in an unoptimized implementation. But NORX can be parallelized. With 4-way SIMD, I would expect about 7/8 CPB performance. This is nearly as good as AES-GCM in ...
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Why can't NORX produce intermediate auth tags like Keyak can?

Why can't NORX produce intermediate auth tags like Keyak can? Keyak appears quite attractive because of this, but seems to be slow in the absence of hardware acceleration.
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