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MARS is a 128-bit block cipher with variable key size of between 128 and 448 bits. It has a heterogeneous structure: several rounds of a cryptographic core are “jacketed” by un-keyed mixing rounds, together with key whitening.

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Which is best: RC5, RC6, CAST-128, LOKI97, or MARS? [closed]

Considering speed and security, which is best: RC5, RC6, CAST-128, LOKI97, or MARS? What does the scoreboard look like? (I'm asking about the abstract math concept, not related to any code ...
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MARS and RC6 in CUDA

I am working on a project where I am benchmarking the 5 AES finalists (Rijndael, Twofish, Serpent, MARS and RC6) on CUDA Hardware. My problem is that I am no experienced CUDA programmer. My approach ...
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What's wrong with MARS?

Why did the MARS cipher receive such a high number of negative votes in the AES competition? As I understand only MARS and Serpent implement measures to counter future cryptoanalytic attacks, so it ...
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Sites to find crypto intermediate values

Does anyone know of any sites where intermediate values of multiple crypto algorithms (not just the famous ones), including hashes, can be found? I don't just mean intermediate values of encrypting. I'...
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