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RFC 1319 — The MD2 Message-Digest Algorithm is a cryptographic hash function which is no longer considered secure.

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Why did MD4 replace MD2?

MD2 was a hash function based on swapping bytes in a state array permutation, much like the RC4 stream cipher, whereas MD4 was a novel construction. MD4 replaced MD2 despite the fact that MD4 is more ...
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Is text description of MD2 algorithm wrong?

I'm trying to implement MD2 from scratch of RFC 1319. It feels like there is a gap between steps 3.2 & 3.3. After step 2, the checksum C is appended to the message and never mentioned again. We ...
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How is the MD2 hash function S-table constructed from Pi?

For fun, I'm learning more about cryptography and hashing. I'm implementing the MD2 hash function following RFC 1319 ( I'll preface by saying I know there are ...
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