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Questions tagged [military-encryption]

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3 votes
1 answer

On real-time decryption of encrypted radio communications

According to Jack Watling & Nick Reynolds, Ukrainian officers recalled one incident in which the Russian headquarters gave pre-emptive warning to its units of an artillery strike based on ...
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How were codes in WW1 reciphered (to enhance security levels) without them turning meaningless?

In WW1, the Germans made their communications secret by encoding their messages. This meant that the message's sender would have a codebook with all possible words and phrases he might use listed in ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How do encrypted radios perform key exchange?

I'm having difficulty finding documentation for the over-the-air protocols used by encrypted public safety radios. It seems that most systems are based on Project 25, previously known as APCO Project ...
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Choosing encryption algorithms and protocols in military systems

Militaries use their own cryptographic algorithms, those of a private third party, or ones that are openly available. However, fear of a backdoor having been planted in publicly-available encryption ...
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42 votes
12 answers

Differences between industrial and military cryptography

Industrial and military cryptography should follow the same basic rules, but what does make them different is: Higher key length, protocols unknown to the civilian world, and perhaps unique methods ...
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Playfair cipher or ADFGX? [closed]

As part of an assignment, I have been given a cipher text of FFFXXXFGXAGFAFDAFXADDAGAD with the following description, ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Key management for military GPS receivers

I wonder what encryption scheme is used in high-precision encrypted GPS streams (the so-called “P(Y) code”). If there's a master key needed, then it has to be in every device. Yet the master key doesn'...
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