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Questions tagged [misuse-resistant]

For questions about design decisions of schemes and implementations of cryptographic primitives to make them resistant to misuse.

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Safety of multiple public keys per McEliece private key?

I noticed that, when deriving a Classic McEliece public key from a private key, randomness is required, and also that this randomness is normally provided at once, during key pair generation. I'm ...
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Tracking Spread of CoV-19 along Social Graph while Protecting Privacy and Anonymity

In several countries there are currently ideas to track the spread of HCoV-19 by use of mobile location data. A good knowledge of the virus' spread throughout communities and countries will certainly ...
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Can I Achieve Deterministic Encryption Using AES-GCM with Nonce = HMAC [ message ]

I would like to implement a deterministic encryption scheme within .NET. From the following post it is established using AES-SIV mode is appropriate. As AES-SIV mode is not implemented within the ...
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3 votes
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Is XTS-AES a NIST-approved nonce-misuse-resistant AES mode?

If I use XTS-AES and treat the tweak as a nonce/IV would the result be considered nonce-misuse-resistant? I'm thinking of something like the following AEAD-like scheme: ...
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Misuse-resistant ephemeral key exchange?

This recent question had me the idea to ask: is there a "misuse-resistant ephemeral key exchange"? At first sight, this seemed self-contradictary - ephemeral implies there's a random part, while ...
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Is XChaCha20-Poly1305 nonce misuse-resistant?

In the Libsodium v1.0.12 and v1.0.13 Security Assessment one can read The ChaCha20-Poly1305 implementation combines a stream cipher and is resistant to timing attacks by design. In addition, this ...
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