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Questions tagged [miyaguchi-preneel]

The Miyaguchi-Preneel scheme, based on a one-way compression function, was proposed around 1989 by Preneel, and independently by Miyaguchi.Ohta, and Iwata.

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Why are the Davies-Meyer and Miyaguchi-Preneel constructions secure?

The Davies-Meyer compression function $h(H, m) = E_m(H) \oplus H$ is said to be secure. So too is the Miyaguchi-Preneel compression function $h(H, m) = E_m(H) \oplus m \oplus H$. Why are these ...
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Choice of reduction polynomial in Whirlpool's internal cipher

Whirlpool is an interesting little hash function in the Miyaguchi-Preneel family. In my mind, it's most interesting feature is the design of internal cipher W, where the distinction between key and ...
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