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Questions tagged [multi-signature]

A multi-signature is a signature made by multiple parties.

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Rogue key attack vs key cancellation attack

Are the rogue key attack and the key cancellation attack identical within digital multi signature? In both cases the attacker generates a valid signature instead of other cosigners, to my ...
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Deriving multiple deterministic keys in a Schnorr Multisig setup

Let's say that Alice and Bob have generated truly random private keys $a$ and $b$ and want to use them in Schnorr signing. They calculate $X = g^a \cdot g^b$ as their mutual public key. For whatever ...
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Decrypt aggregate signature scheme

I've learnt in the university course that using BLS, one can generate an aggregate signature using public keys of a given parties. We can then use a given party's public key to verify his ...
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Merge two multisignatures

I want to know if there is a multisignature scheme that allows the merging of two multisignatures for the same data but by two different sets of users, and without knowing the corresponding private ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Before Bitcoin what was the motivation for researching key aggregation multisig and threshold schemes?

The motivation for key aggregation multisig and threshold schemes (e.g. MuSig(2), FROST etc) in Bitcoin is obvious. Signatures are a large part of every transaction, all the nodes on the network are ...
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Is BLS multi-signature aggregation separable?

In BLS multi-signature aggregation scheme we can combine different signatures of different peers into one single signature, and then we can verify whether the aggregated signature is truly signed by ...
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What is the difference between the [1]forking lemma(David Pointcheval) and the [2]general forking lemma(Mihir Bellare)?

My course teacher mentioned that the two forking lemmas have different prerequisites for use. The former article (Security Arguments for Digital Signatures and Blind Signature) is more limited, but I ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Why do we use Generlized Forking Lemma with several crucial points, while in the security proof we just rewind to a single point

Recently I have been reading this paper by Dan Boneh et al., where the authors are going to use a general form of forking lemma, to prove the security of their Schnorr multi-signature. As I ...
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Multi signature encryption (multiple people can decrypt)

I understand that multi sig transactions exist so that X of N need to sign to release a transaction. If only 1 of N is required I guess any of the recipients can spend. This made me wonder, is it ...
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Looking for a partially blind multisignature scheme?

I am working in a project inspired in digital cash where we would like to use partially-blind signatures. This is so that the Bank signs a check with a hidden serial number (S), but a plainly visible ...
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What signature schemes allow for a space efficient multisig? Any that also allow others to easily add to an existing signature?

For instance, Is there a scheme where 100 people could produce a signature that is only as long as one signature? Is there one like this that can be done where each person can merely modify an ...
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Proof in "New Multi-Signatures in the Plain Public-key Model and a General Forking lemma"

Reading here,I was confused in the proof of "A Multi-Signature Scheme based on Discrete Logarithms" proposed by authors.I felt strange to the technique(using array $T_0[]$、$T_1[]$、$T_2[]$ and state $...
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