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Questions tagged [multi-target]

A multi-target attack is one in which it is attacked many keys simultaneously, and the adversary is content with success for any of the keys. That might allow increased chance of success at a given effort, sometime linearly with the number of keys.

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1 answer

Multi-target attacks of ECC public keys

Imagine a situation where there are many high-value public keys around, using the same Elliptic Curve group, say $k$ in the millions public keys¹. Can an adversary reasonably find one of the matching ...
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Multi-users RSA problem

Rivest and Kalisky's RSA problem considers various notions on security of the RSA One-Way Trapdoor Permutation. They do it only from the perspective of a single user. What's the state of the art in ...
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A multi-target attack on 128-bit ECDSA private keys

I'm thinking about doing this as a project, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to proceed. So I have an 128-bit ECDSA, which would provide about 128 bits of security (if we do not use special methods ...
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10 votes
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What is a multi-target attack?

What exactly is a multi-target attack? How does the attack work on different cryptographic schemes (block ciphers, hash functions, elliptic curves)? How can it be avoided?
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Multi-target attacks on AES-CTR with a random nonce

128-bit block ciphers are vulnerable to multi-target attacks where the attacker seeks to attack a collection of keys instead of a single key. A simple example: Generate keys $k_1, k_2, ...,k_{2^{40}}...
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