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Are there any projects leveraging a combination of (1) Noise and (2) Signal / Double Ratchet to augment the former with per-message forward secrecy?

Are there examples (in code, or a blog post / writeup) of using Noise and Signal together? Here is a link to Noise. For example, using the Double Ratchet per each message to achieve forward secrecy, ...
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Why the public static key doesn't send in Noise KK Framework pattern?

I can’t figure out why the static public key of the initiator/recipient cannot be sent as plain text in the Noise KK pattern and what kind of cryptographic vulnerability does it provide? For example, ...
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Is it safe to reuse Noise static keys in different handshake patterns?

In the Noise protocol, is it safe to reuse static key pairs in different handshake patterns? Like using XK to communicate between client and server, and KK to communicate between clients, but with the ...
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