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Skitel's noncommutative algebra based algorithm variation question

In Cryptanalysing variants of_Stickel's key agreement_scheme original attack against Stikel's key agreement and of some variants are presented. The method is to find matrices $X$,$Y$ such that $XA=AX$,...
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Can we make Discrete Log (significant) more secure by introducing non-commutative algebra (e.g. matrices, hypercomplex numbers, )

$$g^a = c \bmod{N} \text{ }\rightarrow \text{ }G_{i_1}G_{i_2}G_{i_3}...G_{i_n} = C \bmod N $$ At the Discrete Log problem we try to find the exponent ($a$) of a generator ($g$) over a finite filed....
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Checking whether a particular group has an efficient, faithful representation as a matrix group

There are cryptographic protocols being developed for non-abelian groups. For some protocols it is necessary to know whether the group has an efficient representation as a matrix group (say, a matrix ...
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Coppersmith attack on NTRU and non-commutativity

In this paper, Coppersmith and Shamir used lattice reduction to attack NTRU. At the very end of the paper, they note that developing non-commutative variants of NTRU would be wise, in light of their ...
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What are the typical instance parameters of non-commutative cryptographic schemes?

Recently, I grew a tremendous interest for public-key cryptography based on "groupoids", and collaborated with someone on this topic. What I notice afterwards, is that there had been a huge ...