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Questions on the meaning, history, and usage of symbols and notation in cryptography. Please remember to mention where (book, paper, webpage, etc.) you encountered any notation you are asking about.

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Proof of IND-q-CCA security

I have some questions about the paper Bounded CCA2-Secure Encryption (pdf). On page eight "3.2 Construction", the authors have done a black-box construction of an IND-q-CCA security schema and then ...
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Can you explain “k out of n” from the VCS paper by Naor and Shamir

I am new to visual cryptography. I’ve just read the paper “Visual Cryptography” by Moni Naor and Adi Shamir and I'm stuck on the chapter about the “$k$ out of $n$” construction. I am aware that, on ...
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In DES : Matsui's notation(LC) vs Biham's notation(DC)

I'm doing linear attack for 8 rounds DES. And I just wondering about the difference between Matsui's notation and Biham's notation. In Matsui's paper, numbers bits from 0 to 63 from right to left. In ...
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Where can I find names for cryptographic notation I don't recognize?

I'm new to this space and find myself stumbling over come cryptographic/mathematical notation. Search engines are not very helpful when copying and pasting Greek letters. Is there any reference that ...
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Does this protocol description and design look sound?

I am working on a tool that uses password derived keys for AES and a selectable modes of operation to encrypt (and later decrypt) text for storage on an insecure media. The tool is constrained to ...
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For a given security parameter $\kappa$. what does $poly(\kappa)$ mean?

Let ($Gen,Enc,Dec$) be an LHE scheme with security parameter $\kappa$ and message space $M$. Assume that a multiplication operation exists in $M$, i.e., is a finite ring. Let $F : \{0, 1\}^s × L → M$ ...
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