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The National Security Agency (NSA) is the central producer and manager of signals intelligence for the United States Government.

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What are the concrete changes the NSA did to the algorithm before DES was published?

It's common knowledge that the NSA, before publication of DES, tweaked the algorithm to improve its resistance against differential cryptanalysis. Schneier writes some of this on his blog, for example ...
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PGP encryption options

I recently began using PGP desktop and found several options for my encryption capabilities. Firstly, which of these (AES, CAST, Triple DES, TwoFish, IDEA) is the most recent? Secondly, may the NSA ...
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What’s the relationship between P-256 and Dual EC DRBG?

It is said that Dual EC DRBG has a backdoor given the values of the curve. Hence some people do not trust it. With that in mind, some people also distrust NIST P-256 Curve. Why? Is it purely because ...
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