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NTRU is an encryption algorithm which is based on the shortest vector problem in a lattice.

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reduces the coefficients of a modulo 3 on NTRU

i'm still don't understand about 'reduces the coefficients of a modulo 3' on NTRU tutorial $a = f*e = 3 - 7X - 10X^2 - 11X^3 + 10X^4 + 7X^5 + 6X^6 + 7X^7 + 5X^8 - 3X^9 -7X^{10} \pmod{32}.$ Note ...
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computing inverses in truncated polynomial rings manually for NTRU encryption [duplicate]

Can someone explain how to find inverses in truncated polynomial rings manually (i.e. on pen and paper)? As an example from the tutorial: Example. Take $N=7$, $q=11$, $a=3+2X^2-3X^4+X^6$. The ...
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Implementations of Ntru TLS

Has anyone come across any implementations of Ntru TLS? I'm working a project for uni that does quantum secure encryption. It relies on a mix of Ntru & AES, but I can't find an implementation of ...
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NTRUEncrypt - Choose the initial random polynomial

I'm trying to implement NTRUEncrypt but encounter some problems. I've finished all the basic functions that are needed for the scheme base on this Document, but I can't find an algorithm to check the ...
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How can one sign with NTRU?

I am looking at implementing NTRU, but I noticed that while the encryption/decryption algorithm seems to be mature and well-documented, there is comparatively little information about how to sign ...
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Inverses in Truncated Polynomial Rings

I've been trying a long time to understand a thing which is obviously extremely simple, but I just can't get it. Read this, please: The NTRUEncrypt PKCS uses the ring of truncated polynomials $R$ ...
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Does NTRU decrypt correctly now?

The NTRU public-key cryptosystem has a lot of interesting properties (being resistant to quantum computer attacks, being standardized by several important bodies), but it also has a pretty unique ...
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