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Questions tagged [one-time-signature]

a digital signature scheme that can be used to sign one message per key pair

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Hashing Public Key of Lamport or Winternitz OTS

For the Lamport or Winternitz public keys, couldn't one just hash down the large public key to 256 bits in order to greatly reduce the public key size while still having basically the same security? ...
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Is it more, or less, secure to use a different $F$ and $G$ for a Lamport signature?

A Lamport signature is made as follows: Alice stores $k_1, \cdots, k_{n'} \leftarrow K $ as her "private key", with one-way function $F: K\to V$, $n'>n$, and (easily enough) all $F(k_i)\...
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Stateful hash signature without Merkle trees

When it comes to stateful schemes, would you really need to use a Merkle tree? Couldn't you sign the hash of the message concatenated to the hash of the new public key? New public key: hash(hash(...
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