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Questions tagged [onion-routing]

A method for anonymous communications over a wide area network such as the Internet.

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Anonymity in initial Key exchange in onion routing [migrated]

Maybe I will be wrong, please correct me and at the same time answer my question. I know the keys are exchanged between client and Tor relays through circuit extension requests (other than first relay)...
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Padding mechanism used in onion routing

I would like to get a correct understanding of the padding mechanism used in onion routing. The following is taken from the original paper of onion routing[
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1 answer

openssh ed2215 private key format

i have generated an ed2215 private key as follows: $ ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 -f id_ed25519 and it looks like ...
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Onion address encoding [closed]

Could you please explain what the pipe (|) in tor specification means -- is it a bitwise or or a concatenation of the values? Encoding onion addresses [...
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Difference between mix networks and onion routing

From what I know, the two seems to be the same: Onion routing: Encryption is done in layers. Alice and server1 exchanges keys and she encrypts her message. Then, Alice and server2 exchanges keys and ...
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Who's talking to who encryption - does this concept work?

With all the NSA stuff in the news, I've been thinking about how to ensure the "who's talking to who" is just as private as the contents of the messages. I had an idea on the subject, about which I've ...
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Tor's integrity verification system?

I am trying to understand the design of Tor(onion router). I am reading the original paper on the 2nd generation onion routing system. Where, under integrity checking on streams, they say, "When Alice ...
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Can cryptography be used to hide routing information from the router?

If Alice wants to talk to Bob and she has to involve a third party system run by Carol to establish, and possibly maintain, communications, then Carol knows that Alice and Bob communicated with each ...
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