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OPRF based on symmetric encryption

We need to use OPRF(oblivious pseudo random function) on very large sets. Unfortunately most of algorithms use elliptic curves and so this algorithms are very slow. Does exist some relaxation of oprf(...
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How to construct a permutation (shuffle) oblivious pseudorandom function?

We know that OPRF is a two-party protocol, where Alice inputs $X = {x_1, ..., x_n}$, Bob has no input, and after executing the OPRF protocol, Alice gets $F_k(x_i)$, and Bob receives a pseudorandom key ...
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Could ECDH-OPRF-PSI support private information retrieval?

Alice:has $x=(x_1,x_2,...x_m)$ Bob: has $(y_1,m_1),...,(y_n,m_n)$ For this, Alice wants to get some message from Bob, but does not want bob to know which one she gets Bob generate random $a \in Z_q$,$...
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Is there any publicly available/self-hosted OPRF service/implementation?

I've recently implemented & hosted an Oblivious Pseudo-Random Function (OPRF) based on multiparty/oprf i.e. Burns et. al. EC-OPRF as an AWS Lambda function / API, that can be recurrently used ...
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Anonymous PAKE using two party computation

Let's say client side has a secret password $\pi$. The server has a series of indices $0..n-1$ and a salt associated value $s_i$ for all $i \in \{0,n-1\}$ call it set $S=\{s_i | i \in \{0,n-1\}\}$ ...
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