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Output size refers to the output size of specific cryptographic functions. It is especially relevant when the output must fit into a resource constrained system or protocol. For signatures it is the signature size, for KEM schemes it is the size of the encapsulated key.

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What are the public key and output sizes for the four remaining PQC KEM candidates?

Currently there are only 4 direct candidates left that provide KEM. Generally performance seems to be "OK" for those candidates. However, the key and encapsulated key sizes (i.e. the output ...
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Is there a simple formula to calculate how many inputs generate same outputs in cryptographic hash functions, being the input larger than the input?

Let's suppose I hash a 384-bits message with a cryptographic hash function and generate a hash digest of 128-bits. I know that due to the pigeonhole principle, many inputs of same size will result in ...
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