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Questions tagged [pedagogy]

Pedagogy is the art and science of teaching, that is transmitting knowledge. On this website, only the pedagogy of teaching cryptography could possibly be on-topic.

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Which lattice-based encryption scheme/signatures is fundamental?

If I would like to focus on only one signature scheme, and only one encryption based on lattices in a pedagogical context (to introduce the concept of lattice-based crypto to people familiar with ...
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4 answers

Kyber and Dilithium explained to primary school students?

Kyber and Dilithium are post-quantum cryptographic designs, but the resources are hard to understand. Is it possible to explain those ciphers to children?
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11 votes
7 answers

In search of a pedagogically simple example of asymmetric encryption routine?

(I am not a cryptography expert; I do write software) I am working with some youth (ages 11-13) and wanted to explore for an hour or so some basic cryptography. Doing symmetric ciphers is pretty ...
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3 votes
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Explaining Chaotic Cryptography

I will venture myself into studying chaotic cryptography. However, I find it hard to explain what chaotic cryptography entails to those that have some knowledge of cryptography. Neither can I explain ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Stream cipher example for an introductory cryptography course

I am looking for an easily defined stream cipher to illustrate two basic principles in an undergraduate cryptography course: not every bit of the internal state should be used in the keystream; ...
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RSA factorization challenge

I'm in a teacher-like position and would like my students to practice certain classes of RSA attacks. However I don't really know how to go about it and how to sensibly choose the parameters such that ...
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Structure for an introductory course on cryptography?

Many introductory courses on cryptography have their treatment of secret-key crypto start with OTP, then block ciphers, and for public-key cryptography revolve around RSA with no notion of padding (...
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