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Performance defines the abilities of a cipher in terms of processing throughput on various platforms, including its memory requirements.

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Comparison of SNARK-friendly hash algorithms MiMC7, Poseidon, Pederson?

There are some cryptographically secure hash algorithms designed to be efficient for SNARKs, STARKs and FHE. Some of them already implemented in Zcash, Zokrates and circom. The ones that I know of are:...
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What is the fastest modular reduction algorithm available?

I have been browsing for the fastest and most efficient modular reduction algorithms and came across quite a few. But the one in A Fast Modular Reduction Method (2014) by Zhengjun Cao, Ruizhong Wei ...
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Efficient proof of knowledge using Carter-Wegman hash

A verifier wants to ensure, with only little exchange of data with other systems, that a large block of data $M$ that the verifier holds is also available to some other system(s). It is not an ...
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Optimizing the AES key schedule when round keys cannot be cached

I have an implementation of AES which can cache at most a 256-bit value between encryptions. Currently, the master key is cached and the key schedule is re-computed for each and every block. Is there ...
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What's the meaning of "Ops" in this ABE schemes performance form?

I am a Ph.D. student focusing on Attribute-Based Encryption, and now I'm reading the paper "Outsourcing the Decryption of ABE Ciphertexts", seen in Figure 1 below. It gives a summary of an ABE scheme ...
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Performance of Fully homomorphic encryption VS Paillier encryption in Practice

Consider two schemes both have computation complexity linear to the input size (i.e. number of inputs). One scheme is based on Paillier encryption and the other one is based on fully homomorphic ...
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Short-input (<= 128 bit), short-output (<= 10 bit) MAC

I am faced with a problem of selecting an appropriate message authentication code (MAC) for a particular application. These are the constraints: I have two 64-bit integers $r_a$ and $r_s$ as input, ...
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Why do the hash functions tested by SMhasher appear to be exceptionally fast?

In SMhasher, it seems that data (keys) are read one by one sequentialy, and not splited and: ...
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SUPERCOP benchmark of signature scheme: Number of cycles of key generation

I'm having troubles in interpreting the output of the SUPERCOP benchmarks of some digital signature schemes. Precisely, I don't understand how to read the number of cycles for the key generation. This ...
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Power consumption of Post-Quantum Crypto vs. legacy crypto

Is there any educated views or references on how the PQC NIST finalists compare to legacy crypto with regards to power consumption? Many thanks
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Are there any "hard lower bounds" to zero-knowledge proving space/time/commmunication complexity?

There is a lot of "retail investor" hype implying a zk revolution in the future where we have circuits for common instruction sets and many software backends are zk-proven. I'm wondering, ...
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Implementation size of post quantum schemes

I was comparing classical schemes with post-quantum schemes. Therefore I was interested in the round three candidates of the NIST standardization process. So far I know, that those post-quantum ...
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Sorted merkle tree versus rsa accumulator

When compared to sorted merkle tree and rsa accumulator, which one is the best? Rsa accumulator has constant proof and it adds/deletes at constant cost. What is the verification cost for rsa ...
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How to measure performance for ABE Schemes

I have these 3 Schemes: 1) J. Bethencourt, A. Sahai, and B. Waters, "Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption" 2) F. Guo, Y. Mu, W. Susilo, D. Wong, and V. Varadharajan, "Cp-abe with constant-...
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Caculated time One Point Multiplication with double and method

I am using double and add method for point multiplication in affine coordinates. How we compute 1PM in double and method? Di Wang said one point multiplication consists of repeated addition and ...
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How to compare different signature scheme's performance?

I am interested in comparing the computational performance of two signature schemes. However, I am unsure how to do that. My candidates are RSA and Shamir's ID Based Signature scheme. To get a fair ...
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What is the fastest 128-bit non-cryptographic hash function?

I need a 128-bit hash function which is extremely fast since it will be used for generating unique IDs for billions of objects. It doesn't need to be a cryptographic hash function nor does it have to ...
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Do "superfast" keyed hash functions exist?

A common family of requirements for (cryptographic) keyed hash functions is that the function $h(k,-)$ should have good collision resistance for all keys $k$, even if the key $k$ is known to the ...
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Comparing the performance of ECC/RSA with post quantum protocols

I wanted to compare the performance of different cryptographic systems. There is a pretty good paper comparing the 3rd round finalists of the NIST competition. I was wondering if there are good ...
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Periodic re-keying during full drive encryption

A man encrypted a hard drive in 1996 using three key 3-DES with a 64 bit IV and CBC mode in the following manner using known 1990s algorithms on a 1996 PC. Here is how he did it. Start with a ...
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Is there a more efficient C# CryptoStream implementation for streaming decryption of large files

I am using LibVLC and Unity to playback locally stored encrypted 360 videos. VLC's Unity package has a feature to play content via a C# stream. I am using a FileStream wrapped in a CryptoStream to get ...
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