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Public-Key Cryptography Standard, number 8, describes the Private-Key Information Syntax Standard which is used to carry (encrypted or unencrypted) private certificate keypairs.

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Why I need to pass Secure Random when I am loading the key from PKCS8 format [migrated]

I am using Ring lib in Rust to generate ECDSA_P256 and I am passing SystemRandom, and I am getting PKCS8 key pair format. Until ...
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How to extract a private key from .PFX file to .PEM file using AES-GCM as a password-based encryption?

I'm trying to extract a private key from a .PFX file to a .PEM file format. I was able to do it using Aes128Cbc in either .NET or OpenSSL: .NET: ...
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What PKCS standard is this? [duplicate]

What PKCS standard is the public key in the image below? It seems to me that it is PKCS#8, but what I've read makes me think that PKCS#8 only applies to private keys. Here is the corresponding ...
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Is it possible to check private key syntax using openssl?

I have a DER-serialized private key. The tool I have to provide the key to gives me algid parse error, not a sequence, and it looks like the problem is that the key ...
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Is PyCryptodome's export_key with passphrase secure?

When exporting a private key with PyCryptodome, DER format, PKCS#8 and a suitably strong passphrase, is the resulting exported key secure enough to place somewhere that you would not normally want ...
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How to get the key data from the pkcs#8 format? [closed]

Being newbie to crypto, I understood that RSA keys are shared are pairs $(e,n)$ or $(d,n)$. But when I was given a doc with keys, they were in PKCS#8 format. How to get the keys out of this format?
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Ed25519 PKCS8 private key example from IETF draft seems malformed

Malformed PKCS8 Key Algorithm Identifiers for Ed25519, Ed448, X25519 and X448 for use in the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure § 10.3. Examples of Ed25519 Private Key states the following: <...
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What are the differences between plain and encrypted private keys?

It seems like there are different kind of private key formats, namely: PKCS#5 plain private key PKCS#8 plain private key PKCS#5 encrypted private key PKCS#8 encrypted private key I have seen these ...
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creating PKCS8 private keys with a PBMAC1 hash

PKCS#8 provides two encryption schemes (PBES1 and PBES2) and one message authentication scheme (PBMAC1). It seems like a combined method (eg. authenticated encryption) would be ideal but whatever. ...
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Why ssh-gen makes difference between PEM and PKCS8?

Correct me if I am wrong, but PKCS8 is format to store private key info. It could be binary-enoded (DER) or Base64 encoded (<...
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Need help with PKCS#12 3 key triple des key expansion

I am trying to decrypt PKCS8-Shrouded Key Bag inside a PKCS#12 pfx file. The oid for the encrypted data is PbeWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES CBC. Iteration count and salt has been provided within the pfx ...
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Why can ssh-keygen export a public key in PEM PKCS8 format?

In the documentation of ssh-keygen (man ssh-keygen) it says for the option -m that an export ...
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How badly does disclosing an M-bit prefix of an N-bit private key compromise security?

I apologize profusely for knowing nothing about cryptography, please go easy on me! I'm working on a project where I have a 2048-bit RSA private key and a public certificate generated from the ...
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What is the technical name for a public key container in DER format?

I have a public key in the following (format-neutral; the type is specified by the DER bytes) format: ...
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ASN.1 OID of bcrypt

What is the ASN.1 OID associated to bcrypt (the key derivation scheme)? For instance, PBKDF2 has 1.2.840.113549.1.5.12 and it is therefore possible to store a ...
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