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Plausible deniability may refer $1)$ to deniable encryption schemes allowing the decryption of a ciphertext for a message $m$ to some distinct message $m'$ or $2)$ to a feature provided by deniable file systems.

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Many-out-of-many proofs

I need to prove that given vector of commitments of length N contains N-1 commitments to zero (and one to an arbitrary number). More formally, given vector: $$\textbf{a} = \begin{bmatrix} C(0, r_1)...
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How does the plausible deniability used by TrueCrypt work mathematically?

I have been unable to find any mathematical explanations on how TrueCrypt's plausible deniability encryption works, when using TC containers. Would someone be able to provide a mathematical ...
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Can one infer concatenated ciphertext block boundaries through digital forensics?

Say one encrypts multiple plain text blocks with same IV but different keys using AES-256-CBC, can one infer concatenated ciphertext block boundaries through digital forensics? Example Plain text ...
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Does libsodium sealed box leak key ids?

I am using python and libnacl, which is a libsodium wrapper, to develop an application where users can deposit encrypted data. Alice uses ...
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Could you design something like a ring signature that uses website accounts instead of keys?

Ring signatures allow one to prove that you own a private key corresponding to a public key from a set of keys, without revealing which private key you control. This is useful if you are part of some ...
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Plausibly deniable authentication for agents on multiple teams

Here's a problem that I've been thinking about: An individual, Alice, wishes to authenticate herself. She may wish to authenticate to Bob (who is on the blue team) that they are both on the blue team....
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What exactly is "Plausible Deniability in Internet Protocols"?

I am trying to understand the meaning of "Plausible Deniability Feature of Internet Protocols". To be specific, I am not able to understand what "Plausible Deniability" exactly means. Could someone ...
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Deniability properties of the X3DH Key Agreement Protocol

Signal's X3DH Key Agreement Protocol specification states in section 4.5.: Alternatively, it might be tempting to replace the DH-based mutual authentication (i.e. DH1 and DH2) with signatures from ...
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Plaintext DH keys in the message header in the Double Ratchet Algorithm

I've been reading details about the Double Ratchet algorithm, and I wanted some clarification regarding the aspect of the DH public keys going out in the plain in the header of every message. Quoting ...
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Perfect Deniability of a MAC Protocol

I proposed an idea of Perfect Deniability of a MAC I tried to come up with a protocol that satisfies those security requirements as well as the normal security requirements of a MAC One-Time MAC ...
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Plausible Deniability in Schnorr

How does a dishonest verifier affect plausible deniability of the interactive Schnorr protocol?
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How to deniably send a value

Alice has a single bit of information, b, that she wants to send to Bob (over an unalterable but possibly-monitored channel) but in such a way that without the ...
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Why reveal MAC keys after using them?

As far as my understanding goes, MACs are used to determine whether the received message comes from a source with access to a MAC-key, which both parties know. Some crypto protocols reveal their used ...
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Algorithm accepting every passphrase to fool unlegit user [closed]

I'm looking for specific names and literature on crypto algorithms that accept every passphrase input by the user, in order to 'decrypt' - even with false passphrase - and present the unlegit user ...
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A specific way for deniable encryption

I read the summary of deniable encryption on wikipedia: Then I read a question, by doom123 on security.SE: https:/...
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Decryption honeypots

When performing a key search, I've always wondered how you reliably detect a successful decryption once you hit the right key. I assume that you have to analyze the data and look for patterns: words, ...
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