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Predicate encryption is an encryption paradigm which gives a master secret key owner fine-grained control over access to encrypted data.

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Which one is more general, attribute based encryption or inner product predicate encryption?

If we have a scheme for inner product predicate encryption (IPPE), then can we claim that we already have designed an attribute based encryption (ABE) scheme; So we do not need to design an ABE again. ...
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Functional encryption for inner products from DDH

I have been reading this paper by Abdalla, et al. But there's something I don't get about the security proof (Theorem 3.2) for the basic IP scheme from DDH--how are they simulating the mpk's using $g^...
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Negligible probability of failure in correctness definition (predicate based encryption)

I would like to understand why some definitions of correctness allow a negligible failure probability. i.e. the probability that decryption reverses encryption is 1 minus a negligibly small amount. I ...
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What is the main difference between Anonymous HIBE and Anonymous Predicate Encryption?

What is the main difference between Anonymous HIBE and Anonymous Predicate Encryption? In my opinion, both work for the same concept in different ways.
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How to encrypt a message such when a certain condition is met it can be decrypted?

Assume, there is a certificate authority whose public key: $pk$, is known. Also, the certificate $c$ is known, but not the signed certificate. I want to encrypt a message: $m$, such that whoever has a ...
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About numberical comparison in Attribute based encryption

The first CP-ABE scheme in [BSW07] gave an example how to present a numberical comparison (e.g., a<11) to a Boolean access tree. But it seems like this feature is not implemented in Charm. In the ...
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How to encode bivariate polynomial in Predicate Encryption and Inner Product?

From the paper Predicate Encryption Supporting Disjunctions, Polynomial Equations, and Inner Products, the vector of the secret key is generated from a polynomial $p(x)$. I understand the univariate ...
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How are Predicate Encryption algorithms implemented?

After a lot of reading on the internet, i can't seem to figure out how Predicate Encryption works. As i read, it consists of 4 algorithms: ...
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Predicate Encryption supporting disjunctions

I am not sure if I missed some subtlety in the definition of Attribute Hiding found in this paper on Predicate Encryption, but isn't it possible to construct a scheme for Predicate Encryption ...
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Is there any semantic difference between predicate encryption and functional encryption?

Predicate encryption(PE) arrived as a descendant of attribute based encryption. Attribute based encryption allows the encryptor to embody a policy to the ciphertext (Ciphertext-Policy based encryption)...
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