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Trustless anonymization problem

Imagine a message exchange system where every actor publicly exposes his identity. In such a system, Alice wants to exchange messages with an entity run by Bob, but neither Alice nor Bob wants to ...
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How can I understand the gap between CPA and CCA1?

I have read lots of books about CPA,CCA1,CCA2. I understand how to get an example satisfies CPA but not CCA2. However, I can't find such a scheme which is CPA but not CCA1. What is the extra advantage ...
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in MA-ABE, what is the diference when prove a scheme is selective or static?

I have read [1]Decentralized Multi-authority ABE for NC1 from BDH, [2]Decentralizing Attribute-Based Encryption, [3]Fully Adaptive Decentralized Multi-Authority ABE, When I compare security proof in [...
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Can the runtime of a reduction help an adversary distinguish the reduction from the adversary's challenger?

Generally, in cryptography, the security of a scheme/protocol $\Pi$ relying on a hard problem $P$ is demonstrated by constructing a reduction $\mathcal{B}$ that takes as input an instance of the ...
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Origin of "abort" in cryptography proofs

It's a very standard move in a game-based security proof to have a transition in which we "abort" on some event such as a hash collision; the two games are identical apart from the abort ...
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Recursive snarks with a genus-2 no-cycle hyperelliptic curve?

Any hyperelliptic curve having base field characteristic dividing group order? A subgroup of order equal to the basefield characteristic, a large prime? Having hard DLP in that subgroup? Having ...
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