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What's the fastest way to generate matrix vector Beaver triplets?

$\vec{u_0} + \vec{u_1} = (M_0 + M_1)\cdot (\vec{v_0} + \vec{v_1})$ $P_i$ gets $(\vec{u_i}, M_i, \vec{v_i})$ where $M_i$ is a matrix , $\vec{u_i},\vec{v_i}$ are vectors, with all entries uniformly ...
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Is it secure to do subfield vector oblivious linear evaluation (VOLE) over a Ring $\mathbb{Z}_{2^k}$?

In the paper "Efficient Pseudorandom Correlation Generators: Silent OT Extension and More (" Boyle et. al. proposed subfield vole. For standard ...
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Security of pseudorandom correlation for bilinear correlations

A pseudorandom correlation generator for bilinear correlation (namely, $x_0 \otimes x_1 = z_0 + z_1$, where party $\sigma$ gets $x_\sigma, z_\sigma$) over some field $F$ works roughly as follows (...
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