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In a Probabilistic Signature Scheme, the signature depends on a random input, in addition to the private key and message.

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Is Bypassing Padding Verification in RSA-PSS Dangerous?

I am currently working on a project involving RSA-PSS (Probabilistic Signature Scheme) for digital signatures. While researching potential vulnerabilities, I came across the well-known Bleichenbacher ...
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Why does RSASSA-PSS produce different signature each time even if I use same salt and same message?

I understand that RSASSA-PSS is not deterministic. But I see that in message encoding, MGF and SHA functions are deterministic. So even if I keep default salt length, it produces different signature. ...
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Preferred SHA-2 hash algorithm for MGF1 in RSA

Does it make any difference to the security and efficiency if we use SHA-256 or SHA-512 for the Mask Generation Function MGF1 that generates the masking / padding within the OAEP encryption scheme and ...
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