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How can one model the behaviour of CKKS decryption noise?

I am trying to program a simulator for CKKS. It is a "simulator", in the sense that there is actually no encryption involved, but to a person seeing only the plaintexts (before encryption ...
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2 answers

Reencrypting in Homomorphic Encryption

I am getting started with Homomorphic Encryption libraries. I am trying to port a codebase written in Python to Haskell. I see that there is a re-encryption operation happening in one part of the code....
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3 votes
1 answer

Calculating differentially private average of a dataset

I was looking into Google's DP library and its implementation of bounded DP-average. The library implemented DP-average following the following algorithm presented in Li et al. (2016): Proposition 2....
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Noisy secret sharing

I am looking for a secret sharing scheme that is robust against noise, the shares are going to be noisy. We do not want to reconstruct the secret perfectly and a noisy reconstruction with a bound on ...
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How can I generate cryptographic-quality 1/f noise, aka “pink noise”?

Can anyone suggest how I'd generate cryptographic quality 1/f noise: aka 'pink noise', where the PSD follows 1/f. I'd be happy to derive the pink noise from white noise (e.g. /dev/urandom), but I ...
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