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Attacks that are based on recording an encrypted and/or signed communication and replaying it at a later time.

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Can I use a HMAC for Replay Attack protection?

I am considering a system where a small device accepts messages/commands from another device over a wireless channel. I am worried about replay attacks. The messages will be encrypted. What are ...
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How can Alice and Bob safeguard their message exchanges against replay attacks?

Assume Alice and Bob communicate over an insecure channel using one-time perfectly-secret encryption together with one-time secure message authentication code. Say Eve has the ability to eavesdrop and ...
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How does a rolling code work?

I have general questions regarding rolling codes. Basically there is a sender and a receiver. Both have a sequence generator. The receiver checks if the received sequence matches the newly generated. ...
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Replay attack prevention in connectionless UDP encrypted communication

What are the options for replay attack prevention when two parties exchange UDP messages. No connection or session is estabilished. Communicating parties have pre shared key that is used for ...
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