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Attacks that are based on recording an encrypted and/or signed communication and replaying it at a later time.

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How can Alice and Bob safeguard their message exchanges against replay attacks?

Assume Alice and Bob communicate over an insecure channel using one-time perfectly-secret encryption together with one-time secure message authentication code. Say Eve has the ability to eavesdrop and ...
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Do random numbers avoid replay attacks in Chaum's mixes?

So I've been visiting a security lecture at my university and they introduced the concept of Chaum's mixes to us and how replay attacks can compromise the anonymity granted by a mixnet. It is ...
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I understand the authentication procedure, but are replay attacks possible in these scenarios?

Would a replay attack be possible in any of these scenarios? My understanding is that in only images 3 & 4 it is possible.
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No freshness protection for single messages, but for the overall protocol

I am given a key exchange protocol between a component $C$ and a key master $K$. During the overall execution 4 messages are transferred between $C$ and $K$. DH keypairs are always chosen randomly for ...
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Does the initial exchange of random tokens in SKID3 authentication assure against replay attacks?

As the question suggests, I wanted to get a sanity-check on this issue... is it the case that the use of a random token exchange during SKID3 authentication itself constitute a prevention of a replay ...
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Prevent/minimize replay attacks in public message board

Assume we have a public message board where anyone can send a message to. If plain messages are used, anyone can impersonate anyone. The goal is to disallow impersonations. We can use public key ...
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How to use nonces to prevent replay attacks while enabling concurrent requests?

Nonces are often used to prevent replay attacks in networks. Because they are a one time use, any attacker replaying a request would be stopped because the nonce would be invalid. However using nonces ...
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