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This tag should be used for questions that specifically ask about the contents of RFC 7748, Elliptic Curves for Security (January 2016).

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Ed448 parameters wrong in RFC7748

When implementing and testing my own EdDSA program I found out that the old RFC7748 gives wrong parameters for Ed448/Edwards448. There is currently a new Draft were this is clarified: https://...
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Can multiple public keys lead to the same shared secret in X25519?

I have no mathematical knowledge about this, but I just read in RFC 7748 the following: Designers using these curves should be aware that for each public key, there are several publicly computable ...
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Difference on montgomery curve equation between EFD and RFC7748

There is a subtle difference between the 2 implementations for a Montgomery curve defined from the 2 following links A = X2+Z2 AA = ...
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