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Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, or short S-MIME, is a standard for public key encryption and signing of MIME data.

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Does CMS AuthEnvelopedData type provide message authentication?

I was looking through the S/MIME Message specification (RFC 8551) to find out what security services it offers. Section 2.4.4 of this document describing AuthEnvelopedData content type (which uses the ...
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PKCS#7 digest encryption algorithm - difference between rsaEncryption and sha256WithRsaEncryption

As part of our linux secure boot implementation using dm-verity and root hash signature checking, I need to sign a file with the following openssl command (example): ...
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Can I use a government-issued certificate in Outlook? [closed]

My government issues certificates for many purposed, including e-mail signing. The government doesn't provide e-mail addresses, but it does declare my e-mail in the certificate. Can I use this ...
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Which algorithm to use for S/MIME

I'm wondering if the algorithm 1.2.840.113549.1.1.1 (rsaEncryption) is still secure to use for S/MIME encryption. I'm afraid that the scheme is vulnerable against ...
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Is the software that uses PGP broken, or is it PGP itself?

PGP is all over the news (even on TV) and there seems to be a lot of confusion about it. For the time being, people face articles like Attention PGP users: new vulnerabilities require you to take ...
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Why does 3DES need private key to decrypt?

I create two files, my.cer and my.pem ( include certificate and private key), I encrypt a file with my.cer, I use openssl smime -encrypt command. When decrypting data, it needs my.pem. I think 3DES ...
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extract ciphertext from encrypted SMIME file

the main question of this message is how to get the true ciphertext from S/MIME file? I created RSA keys and encrypted a message with S/MIME as follow : ...
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Is there benefit to signing unencrypted emails?

I came to this article from another comment on Crypto StackExchange. After reading it, I am wondering if there is any benefit to using a digital signature on unencrypted S/MIME emails?
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Security of S/MIME in case of CA compromise

Suppose Alice and Bob are exchanging messages using S/MIME, protected by certificates that have been issued by either the same CA or by two mutually independent CAs. There exists an adversary Mallory ...
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Can S/MIME be still considered secure?

Previoulsy I had asked this question at but I feel this forum is topic-wise the right place. Recently there has been ...
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