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SHA-3 Competition (2007-2012) was a competition initiated by NIST as a call for a new cryptographic hash algorithm for standardization purposes.

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How are hash functions analyzed in an open competition?

There was a well-known SHA-3 Competition held between 2007 and 2012, where the winner would be standardized as SHA-3. Now that the competition has ended and NIST has released reports on the different ...
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How does the energy consumption of the SHA-3 finalists compare?

I am curious, is there any paper where SHA-3 competitors are compared in terms of energy efficiency?
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Preimage resistance of sponge-based hashes and XOFs

In the sponge construction for hash functions, including SHA3 and SHAKE, its used a permutation $$f:\{0,1\}^r\times\{0,1\}^c\to\{0,1\}^r\times\{0,1\}^c\\ \;\quad(R,C)\quad\quad\mapsto\quad\;(R',C')$$ ...
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Skein Hash padding

I do some research with the candidates of the sha-3 competition. I am interested in the padding mechanisms of the skein hashfunction. For Example. I use the skein hash with 256 internal state size. Is ...
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Participant workflow in the Cryptography competitions [closed]

I learned about the NIST hash function competition which generated SHA3. It says it inspired a Password hashing competition too, which resulted in Argon2. What I'm wondering is what people generally ...
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